fredag 17 juni 2011

Mega man series

Mega Man : The game series.

In 200x a evil robot master takes over the world 10times in a row plus a mess of spinoffs and ripoffs. And the worlds only defense is the blue bomber, rockman aka MEGA MAN... I mean it's not like we knew about emp in 200x :P...

Durr me shoot mah peeshooter.

The series started back when the nintendo was ruled by mario and other classics like Rygar, Punch-out and even zelda. megaman was released by the legendary company Capcom back in 87 on famicon and nes (Nintendo entertainment system).

Even thou all 8 original games have the exact same concept /not counting 9 and 10/ it still was hell of fun to play them even thou it all was "omg dr willy got some robotmasters and a skull castle time to bring the peeshooter and steal all the evul robots guns and kill them 2 times over...
I mean really All 8 games.. Well 10 games and the same in the X series and what not..

Anywhays we all love this series even thou it is the same game over and over..

We all played mega man at some point even if we did not always like THAT particular episode we still had 7 more to choose from and you could always find your own favorite.. mine was 2 =P

my rating of this series is 9/10

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  1. Sir, I like your avatar!

  2. @ Pseudo

  3. Avatar is cool. such as mega man! i love mega man 4. keep this up to date man. i follow you!!

  4. nice post, thx for sharing

  5. Thank you for posting this info! Megaman rulez :P

  6. id rate it with a 10!
    had so much fun in this game!
    +1 and followed