fredag 17 juni 2011

Mega man series

Mega Man : The game series.

In 200x a evil robot master takes over the world 10times in a row plus a mess of spinoffs and ripoffs. And the worlds only defense is the blue bomber, rockman aka MEGA MAN... I mean it's not like we knew about emp in 200x :P...

Durr me shoot mah peeshooter.

The series started back when the nintendo was ruled by mario and other classics like Rygar, Punch-out and even zelda. megaman was released by the legendary company Capcom back in 87 on famicon and nes (Nintendo entertainment system).

Even thou all 8 original games have the exact same concept /not counting 9 and 10/ it still was hell of fun to play them even thou it all was "omg dr willy got some robotmasters and a skull castle time to bring the peeshooter and steal all the evul robots guns and kill them 2 times over...
I mean really All 8 games.. Well 10 games and the same in the X series and what not..

Anywhays we all love this series even thou it is the same game over and over..

We all played mega man at some point even if we did not always like THAT particular episode we still had 7 more to choose from and you could always find your own favorite.. mine was 2 =P

my rating of this series is 9/10

torsdag 16 juni 2011

Games that are coming up

From what i've seen so far you mostly want mega man battle toads and various fps. soo thees are the games that are coming up soon. Megaman 1-5 as a bundle and later 6-10 as a bundle. Why 2 parts well 1-5 is more the oldschool 5-10 is the new shit and of lesser quality.
Battletoads is a hard fucking game and i've never ben able to complete it on nes.. on emulator yes but never on the real deal.

Now that Dukenukem forever is a new game i can easily do duke 3d and maybe 1-2 as well. to bad the newer game blew ass.. well thought i would keep guys updated.

måndag 13 juni 2011

Game suggestions

Hello thought i was going to here with you all on what games you want reviewed "not like the old owner" you can name any game on any console or pc or amiga or anything.. just as short as super mario 1 and such.. then i have to bulk it with some other games.

torsdag 9 september 2010


Heroes of might and magic 3 (And the expantions)

Heroes of might and magic 3 the successor of the hit game of 1996 heroes 2
Following the story of world's other hit game series might and magic (7)
At first glace this might seem like an rts game like so many other of it's time "dune 2 Command and cancer and even civilization in some ways" but this game is more like an Rpg,Rts,Citysim and tactical game all in one.

You can play this game in the normal story mode or as well all know and love this game for "campaign". You start by choosing one map out of what feels like hundreds of maps all with their own looks and secrets then you pick one out of 8 playable races and one hero/villain of that race witch in total is over 9000 all with different power and weaknesses.
After all that is done the fun begins you are hurled in to the map at your castle starting you right off with noting but a few goblins and a slingshot to fend off the titans dragons demons and angels. But do not fear as this is as much of an rpg as it is all other game types you can think off.. even some FPS.... well not really... it is an strategy game so you can win over the much harder enemy's if you only think about your next move and don't go hurling in the fight.

You have 16different units with all races and depending on the race you also have a wide arrange of magics in your disposal ranging from defensive magics support magics destruction magics and more even thou you pick a barbarian with shit for brains you can still make him learn spells as long as he has a spell book in hes inventory.. Don't expect him to a lot of good with it thou after all when was the last time you saw Arnold...Conan use a spell in order to To crush hes enemies, see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentation of their women.


i can remember back when i was younger wasting days with my friends playing in hot-seat on cold winter nights with the polar-bears outside and the Eskimos on the trees. And that is the way to play this game with friends or against them even thou the singleplayer experience is better then close to any other ""rts"" out there.

Even thou this is an excellent game that no retro-fan should miss it do have some problems.
one is the fact that it is a pain in the fucking as to have more then 3bases and 3heroes if you have a map that has millions of castles and even more heroes then your multitasking skills have to be legendary in order to keep with all the shit going about even thou this is not a REAL TIME strat game but played turns it still require some thinking if you play with more then 2computeres.
Also because the turns in them self are so long for each player playing this game in ANY other multilayer form then hotseat "sitting on the same pc" make the game feel slow and not really that fun at all

Even thou the concept of this game is all gone and forgotten "beside from the lousy 4'th and 5'th homm games" this game will live on in my memory as long as i live

i rate this game 8/10
* Side note the amount of races heroes etc varies how much i bothered to remember :)

fredag 3 september 2010

Fallout 1 and 2

War, War never changes.

This gaming series perhaps did not change the war but it sure change the gaming world. Forever.
When fallout 1 was released in 1997 we already  had games such as x-com, the might and magic series amongst others so why should we care about some company that for all we knew only made the bard's tale series.

Well we didn't.. Until we saw the various demos and trailers for fallout. If you where like me you played that demo over and over again until you knew where the minigun was without even looking.
This game was something unique that not even to this date there has been an RPG that has been able to mimic this "S.P.E.C.I.A.L" game series. 
Even thou we hoped for fallout 3 to be a worthy successor.

Fun fact, Only one year after fallout 1 came there was an other series that interplay made that i think no rpg fan have missed. Baldurs gate.

The story of the game is that in the 1950-1960 there was a nuclear-war that destroyed most of the worlds land and population due to fallout... Thereby the name of the game, and to save the remaining humans alive the US government built the so called vaults that was scheduled to open when the air and water was safe for humans to liv.
And in order for them to be able to start the "new world" they where going to use some thing called a G.E.C.K or a Garden of Eden Creation Kit how this geck.

 In the first game you start off as a Vault Dweller in Vault 13 being told by the overseer "the highest ranked  member in the vault"  that you have to go outside to the real world and get something called a water chip.
How or where you are going to get this chip is only spoken about briefly so you get a gun and a map to an other vault called Vault 15. On your way there you notice that there is indeed humans that live on the surface and not as the overseer had told you that it was only mutants and robbers living on the surface. (Even thou there are ghouls and super mutants so in some sense he was right)

You soon discover that Vault 15 is a decolete place with no life or technology left inside and no water chip to find.

The game-play of fallout 1 is magnificent even thou there are some minor issues that can be a bit frustrating in the long run example.
When you pick up things like money or nukacolas or your every day drugs like psyco or stimpacks you can "only" pick 999 of the time this might sound like a fairly harmless issue but when an enemy drops 5000caps it is a pain to pick all thees.
There is also an issue with the Time limit in order to get the water chip you have some 190days "depending on version" to find the chip and bring it back to vault 13 and with little info about where you might find it.

 Even thou this game lacks music beside from a loop with ambient sound and some tunes here and there, It still feel like that is the proper tune for this wasteland. and this goes for both the games.

For only Fallout 1 i can't give it a solid rating becus i feel that fallout 1 and 2 are pretty much the same game in it's basis.

                            Fallout 2 a post apocalyptic roll playing game
With the huge success of fallout 1 Interplay had a lot to prove on this game, Could they make the story even more compelling and could they make the world seem a bit more living and not as in the first game, Dead and decolete?

Well to say the least the made this game like all Squeal should be improved. Improved drugs, hookers, guns, gameplay, story, hookers, drugs, hookers.. Well you get my point.
This game was released only one year after fallout 1 but in that one year they made some of the most epic story's ever told in a game.

The year is 2241 80years after the events in fallout 1. You are a decedent from the original vault dweller "the one you played in fallout 1" you live in a village named arroyo far away from vault 13. You are on a quest to find the mystical G.E.C.K in order to save your village but first you must be tested.
This part of the game serves as a tutorial fallout 1 lacked but it still is a part of the main story.
After you proven yourself worthy to wear the vault 13 suite your ancestor left the village you are sent off in to the world in order to find the geck.

You soon stumble upon slavers gangsters and even some companions that you can build a whole team with.
Who can forget the crazy tribesman sulik that talks with hes bone that he has in hes nose.
Or the maker of the trendy drug jet amongst others.

There are many Cameos  from other games including fallout 1 or even books such as the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and even startrek and thees small jokes is what gave fallout 2 a more humoristic tone and as i think an even better game, or the fact that you can pretty much do as you please and still be able to complete the game. and the best part is that you can still play the game even after you completed it "something fallout 1 lacked"

There are many new and interesting things in fallout 2 that i think made the game so much more lively and entertaining, for instance you can become a porn star in new new reno or even a boxer, and you can also join the mafia amongst other gangs, you could even become a slaver.

All in all fallout 2 was a much more refined and more fun to play title then fallout 1 you can even skip fallout 1 in total and get fallout 2 and have years and years of fun.

This was the game i waste my days on as a teen and still do in fact it's a game that you simply cannot be bored at.
Even thou i had good hopes for fallout 3 it never felt like a worthy successor and i hope the new vegas expansion is going to change that.

All in all i will only rate fallout 2 for this review and i hope you will have as much fun in this game as i had growing up and growing old.

I rate this series a 10/10.

Tldr; this game is fucking awesome.

tisdag 31 augusti 2010

X-COM: Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense

X-COM: Enemy Unknown or as it was called in the us: X-COM: UFO Defense.

This was one of my first gaming experience with turn based strategy growing up.
This was also one of my best memories as far as in pulling my hair out in frustration over how fucking hard this game was.

First made in 1993 by Mythos games and MicroProse this game was one of the most complex games for it's time and style.
The game itself was as they called it a turn based strategy game but if you have played this game more then 10 minutes then you know that it is A LOT more.

The amount of research upgrades and training you can do in your base, on your soldiers, ships and more  made it look more of an RPG/Sim game then a strategy game, and the simplicity as well as Depth at the same time made this game a very player friendly yet a complex gaming experience for you to waste half your summer on (Or well fall as it is now).

Fun fact: There are 2 books that is based on this game story (even thou this game lacks it)
The only story you can make out of this game is that you are a mercenary that is getting paid to kill aliens.

Your object in this game is simply put, Build a base upgrade your troops hunt aliens upgrade some more build some more hunt some more and build more bases. Sound easy right?
W R O N G.
The Ai in this game is a bitch on wheels and a jet pack on it's back.
If you like saving and loading a lot this game can be easy but if you wanna play this game as it is intended to on super human and only save/load after each mission then you are going to have a hell of a time and pulling your hair out more times then a scab fox.
If you do not have more then one base for instant the aliens are going to take over some country and cut your funding's and make your life a living hell.

Think of this game as a game of poker, even if play all your cards right and have the best hand before the last card some fucking idiot is going hit the straight flush on the last card and blow a nuke on your ship or some thing...... Or at least an eteral is going to mind control your best unit that has a high explosive rocket that is going to kill at least 90% of your team and destroy any thing of value.

The artwork in this game is as you can expect from a 90's sprite game simple but made well
even thou it might seem a bit primitive for it's time 1993 was the year that grate games like; Sim City 2000, Myst and Doom to name a few

Fun fact; the world record in completing the game is as of now 60minutes. my personal best was about 9years......

Even thou it had a bit primitive look it still felt like a AAA+ title on the graphic's and info and i think it was all because the beautiful artwork beside from the in game sprites for example, when you had researched a dead alien the pictures and all the info about the creature or even item or ship that you captured was detailed and magnificent

Fun fact; The secound installment of the game X-com terror from the deep was EVEN harder then the first title.
Not even i haven't yet completed it whiteout cheating... 

I have loads of fun memories from this game growing up cursing at the screen whining about the game and getting yelld at for yelling and cursing to much..
And with the "remake" of this game coming for xbox 360 in 2010(?) this is a sure pick for any strategy fan out there that likes a challenge.

I rate this game a SOLID 9/10

måndag 30 augusti 2010

monkey island 2 LeChuck's Revenge special edition

 This is the second installment of the popular series of monkey island and also the second special edition.

 This is like it's predecessor an improvement in both graphical and in sound and this is not only for the original but for the (Special edition) as well.

Original released in 1991 only one year after the first installment of the game proved that lucasart was in it's prime in making high quality games that we all loved and hold close to our hearths. The same thing happen for the special editions. They where only one year apart but even still made us long for this much improved version of the game
and in participle on the HD side.

Fun fact: The mac version of the original monkey 2 had better graphics and sound where the pc had Midi music the mac had Wav and even a primitive form of AA.

You start the game at a campfire talking about the time you killed the evil ghost pirate Le chuck.
The two pirates willing to listen to your endless chatter is bored because you've already told this story what seems like hundreds of  times before.
in time  you revile that you are on a hunt for the legendary treasure "BIG WOOP™" even thou you have  what seems like piles and piles of gold and treasures.
Even thou you lose this in a very humorist way from a small bully of a pirate.

Fun fact: The special edition is a 20year celebration to this game they even added full commentary trough out the game.

The added details they made with this special edition is what you expected from Ron Gilberts/Lucasart brilliant design and sense of humor it's unique even thou this game is not with out it's flaws.
There are numeros bugs in the transition from hd to original graphic as well as the commentary and this can be a big negative side if you enjoy to hear what the people who made this game have to say "and you do"
And of course like all other point and click games you are going to get stuck if you don't use the tip button but that is more of a flaw in your way of thinking then the game itself :).
I have found Memories of this game both as a young boy and an adult playing the special edition and this is a clear buy for any gamers out there
I rate this : 9/10