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Heroes of might and magic 3 (And the expantions)

Heroes of might and magic 3 the successor of the hit game of 1996 heroes 2
Following the story of world's other hit game series might and magic (7)
At first glace this might seem like an rts game like so many other of it's time "dune 2 Command and cancer and even civilization in some ways" but this game is more like an Rpg,Rts,Citysim and tactical game all in one.

You can play this game in the normal story mode or as well all know and love this game for "campaign". You start by choosing one map out of what feels like hundreds of maps all with their own looks and secrets then you pick one out of 8 playable races and one hero/villain of that race witch in total is over 9000 all with different power and weaknesses.
After all that is done the fun begins you are hurled in to the map at your castle starting you right off with noting but a few goblins and a slingshot to fend off the titans dragons demons and angels. But do not fear as this is as much of an rpg as it is all other game types you can think off.. even some FPS.... well not really... it is an strategy game so you can win over the much harder enemy's if you only think about your next move and don't go hurling in the fight.

You have 16different units with all races and depending on the race you also have a wide arrange of magics in your disposal ranging from defensive magics support magics destruction magics and more even thou you pick a barbarian with shit for brains you can still make him learn spells as long as he has a spell book in hes inventory.. Don't expect him to a lot of good with it thou after all when was the last time you saw Arnold...Conan use a spell in order to To crush hes enemies, see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentation of their women.


i can remember back when i was younger wasting days with my friends playing in hot-seat on cold winter nights with the polar-bears outside and the Eskimos on the trees. And that is the way to play this game with friends or against them even thou the singleplayer experience is better then close to any other ""rts"" out there.

Even thou this is an excellent game that no retro-fan should miss it do have some problems.
one is the fact that it is a pain in the fucking as to have more then 3bases and 3heroes if you have a map that has millions of castles and even more heroes then your multitasking skills have to be legendary in order to keep with all the shit going about even thou this is not a REAL TIME strat game but played turns it still require some thinking if you play with more then 2computeres.
Also because the turns in them self are so long for each player playing this game in ANY other multilayer form then hotseat "sitting on the same pc" make the game feel slow and not really that fun at all

Even thou the concept of this game is all gone and forgotten "beside from the lousy 4'th and 5'th homm games" this game will live on in my memory as long as i live

i rate this game 8/10
* Side note the amount of races heroes etc varies how much i bothered to remember :)

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  3. The best game ever created!

  4. Sweet series of articles man... Especially for an old gamer like me :)

  5. Aw man, I used to have a blast with this game!

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  7. Brilliant game, I still play it to this day.

  8. I think the art style would turn me off this game to be honest.

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  11. Still play it once in a while.

  12. The whole Heroes of Might & Magic series was filled with super fun titles. This was just one of them.

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  14. This game was badass for it's time. If you liked this one, check out Elemental: War of Magic. It's a similar style of game.

  15. some great games here, thanks for the nostalgia as always

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  18. Generally not a fan of stop/start RTS' but this one looks pretty good with the huge variety of maps, heroes and races, nice review =]

  19. Remember playing this, was a good game ;)