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Fallout 1 and 2

War, War never changes.

This gaming series perhaps did not change the war but it sure change the gaming world. Forever.
When fallout 1 was released in 1997 we already  had games such as x-com, the might and magic series amongst others so why should we care about some company that for all we knew only made the bard's tale series.

Well we didn't.. Until we saw the various demos and trailers for fallout. If you where like me you played that demo over and over again until you knew where the minigun was without even looking.
This game was something unique that not even to this date there has been an RPG that has been able to mimic this "S.P.E.C.I.A.L" game series. 
Even thou we hoped for fallout 3 to be a worthy successor.

Fun fact, Only one year after fallout 1 came there was an other series that interplay made that i think no rpg fan have missed. Baldurs gate.

The story of the game is that in the 1950-1960 there was a nuclear-war that destroyed most of the worlds land and population due to fallout... Thereby the name of the game, and to save the remaining humans alive the US government built the so called vaults that was scheduled to open when the air and water was safe for humans to liv.
And in order for them to be able to start the "new world" they where going to use some thing called a G.E.C.K or a Garden of Eden Creation Kit how this geck.

 In the first game you start off as a Vault Dweller in Vault 13 being told by the overseer "the highest ranked  member in the vault"  that you have to go outside to the real world and get something called a water chip.
How or where you are going to get this chip is only spoken about briefly so you get a gun and a map to an other vault called Vault 15. On your way there you notice that there is indeed humans that live on the surface and not as the overseer had told you that it was only mutants and robbers living on the surface. (Even thou there are ghouls and super mutants so in some sense he was right)

You soon discover that Vault 15 is a decolete place with no life or technology left inside and no water chip to find.

The game-play of fallout 1 is magnificent even thou there are some minor issues that can be a bit frustrating in the long run example.
When you pick up things like money or nukacolas or your every day drugs like psyco or stimpacks you can "only" pick 999 of the time this might sound like a fairly harmless issue but when an enemy drops 5000caps it is a pain to pick all thees.
There is also an issue with the Time limit in order to get the water chip you have some 190days "depending on version" to find the chip and bring it back to vault 13 and with little info about where you might find it.

 Even thou this game lacks music beside from a loop with ambient sound and some tunes here and there, It still feel like that is the proper tune for this wasteland. and this goes for both the games.

For only Fallout 1 i can't give it a solid rating becus i feel that fallout 1 and 2 are pretty much the same game in it's basis.

                            Fallout 2 a post apocalyptic roll playing game
With the huge success of fallout 1 Interplay had a lot to prove on this game, Could they make the story even more compelling and could they make the world seem a bit more living and not as in the first game, Dead and decolete?

Well to say the least the made this game like all Squeal should be improved. Improved drugs, hookers, guns, gameplay, story, hookers, drugs, hookers.. Well you get my point.
This game was released only one year after fallout 1 but in that one year they made some of the most epic story's ever told in a game.

The year is 2241 80years after the events in fallout 1. You are a decedent from the original vault dweller "the one you played in fallout 1" you live in a village named arroyo far away from vault 13. You are on a quest to find the mystical G.E.C.K in order to save your village but first you must be tested.
This part of the game serves as a tutorial fallout 1 lacked but it still is a part of the main story.
After you proven yourself worthy to wear the vault 13 suite your ancestor left the village you are sent off in to the world in order to find the geck.

You soon stumble upon slavers gangsters and even some companions that you can build a whole team with.
Who can forget the crazy tribesman sulik that talks with hes bone that he has in hes nose.
Or the maker of the trendy drug jet amongst others.

There are many Cameos  from other games including fallout 1 or even books such as the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and even startrek and thees small jokes is what gave fallout 2 a more humoristic tone and as i think an even better game, or the fact that you can pretty much do as you please and still be able to complete the game. and the best part is that you can still play the game even after you completed it "something fallout 1 lacked"

There are many new and interesting things in fallout 2 that i think made the game so much more lively and entertaining, for instance you can become a porn star in new new reno or even a boxer, and you can also join the mafia amongst other gangs, you could even become a slaver.

All in all fallout 2 was a much more refined and more fun to play title then fallout 1 you can even skip fallout 1 in total and get fallout 2 and have years and years of fun.

This was the game i waste my days on as a teen and still do in fact it's a game that you simply cannot be bored at.
Even thou i had good hopes for fallout 3 it never felt like a worthy successor and i hope the new vegas expansion is going to change that.

All in all i will only rate fallout 2 for this review and i hope you will have as much fun in this game as i had growing up and growing old.

I rate this series a 10/10.

Tldr; this game is fucking awesome.

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  1. Cool post, enjoyed Fallout 3, haven't played the others..

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