söndag 29 augusti 2010

Broken sword

A nice game that came out recently. Broken sword: directors. cut for the pc.
If you played broken sword before on the pc way back you still wanna get this thou!.

It's like 10more hrs of game play BESIDE from the main story so this game is HUGE as it is.

if you do not know this game this is a classic lucasart point and click adventure game kinda like Day of the tentacle or Sam and max but with a more serious tone "even thou it have alot of comical elements"

who can forget the less then brainy police mouu "or how the heck you say it" or the hole digging working becoming a rich man from a tip on a horse you gave him and still you do not get even a thanks only a manhole remove.. this game is not as hard as it use to thou, that might be a plus or a negative deepening on how you see it, there is a "tip" bar you can click if you search for it that gives you hints if you are stuck.

anyways i recommend this game for any one that has even a slight interest in puzzle solving or point and click adventure
i personal rate this game a 8.5/10

for the sceners out there the name of the game is:


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  1. Oh my god, I remember playing that game so ferociously. The story and characters are brilliant, especially the goat! :D


  2. Hehe i remember that fucking goat to.. tok me a hell of a time to figure it out =p..

    This version has ALOT new stuff added to it ALOT ALOT more gameplay. try it out.

  3. I love that game I had played it a while ago. It was lots of fun.

  4. Adventure!


  5. Broken Sword was a good game! Follow my blog if you want :-)