söndag 29 augusti 2010

Worms Reloaded

Got this game as a gift on steam and costs about 19£ so is this game worth the price or is this game only an other worms 2 clone?

Well the fact is there is a lot that's new in this game that was not in the worms2 clones for example new weapons, new and improved graphic, broken ai's, more multiplayer bugs and lag.. well you get the picture.

I've never seen worms as a hardcore gamers choice becus of it's simplicity even thou there are many games that have similar concept and still does good, Gunbound for instance..
But Worms reloaded lacks a lot of what made the original worms 2 and worms Armageddon so good.. Hearth

worms 2 came out about 11years ago and this "new" worms still looks and feal the same even thou they claim to have new improved hd graphic it still looks the same.

i don't recommend buying this game unless you are a hardcore worms fan i rate it 4.5/10

Ps. might be fun on lan party's when you are drunk ds.

for the sceners the name of the game is:


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  2. this is a really fun game if i'm remembering correctly, this seems like the only blog i'll be regularly coming back too

  3. http://adiusshadow.blogspot.com/

  4. worms..oh how i miss you so


  5. the new weapons are sooo awesome :D
    btw if you like movies, check out

  6. I love worms.

  7. wll try it out


  8. nice game.. except the rope -.-
    they really messed it up