måndag 30 augusti 2010

monkey island 2 LeChuck's Revenge special edition

 This is the second installment of the popular series of monkey island and also the second special edition.

 This is like it's predecessor an improvement in both graphical and in sound and this is not only for the original but for the (Special edition) as well.

Original released in 1991 only one year after the first installment of the game proved that lucasart was in it's prime in making high quality games that we all loved and hold close to our hearths. The same thing happen for the special editions. They where only one year apart but even still made us long for this much improved version of the game
and in participle on the HD side.

Fun fact: The mac version of the original monkey 2 had better graphics and sound where the pc had Midi music the mac had Wav and even a primitive form of AA.

You start the game at a campfire talking about the time you killed the evil ghost pirate Le chuck.
The two pirates willing to listen to your endless chatter is bored because you've already told this story what seems like hundreds of  times before.
in time  you revile that you are on a hunt for the legendary treasure "BIG WOOP™" even thou you have  what seems like piles and piles of gold and treasures.
Even thou you lose this in a very humorist way from a small bully of a pirate.

Fun fact: The special edition is a 20year celebration to this game they even added full commentary trough out the game.

The added details they made with this special edition is what you expected from Ron Gilberts/Lucasart brilliant design and sense of humor it's unique even thou this game is not with out it's flaws.
There are numeros bugs in the transition from hd to original graphic as well as the commentary and this can be a big negative side if you enjoy to hear what the people who made this game have to say "and you do"
And of course like all other point and click games you are going to get stuck if you don't use the tip button but that is more of a flaw in your way of thinking then the game itself :).
I have found Memories of this game both as a young boy and an adult playing the special edition and this is a clear buy for any gamers out there
I rate this : 9/10

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  1. Love monkey island and love the review.

  2. Good game indeed.


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  4. Love this game!

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  7. dope game. Just followed you back.

  8. ill have to check this out, uncle says its good


  9. yeah best game ihave ever played :D
    not realy, but thhose old monkey island things are aaaaaaaaawesome


  10. I just bought this. Haven't had time to play it yet though. Hope I'll enjoy it as much as you ^^

  11. Wasted much of my childhood with this game, good times.